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Stay fit and Earn a Fortune

“Health is Wealth” is a well known saying. This translates into your health is your wealth. If you look from financial angle, it goes very far.

If you are fit & healthy, you will have less health related issues. If you try to stay fit till old age, you will save a fortune by NOT spending money on health related issues and remember Hospital visits cost a bomb these days.

There are many websites available which guides you on staying healthy. One has to integrate healthy habits in lifestyle so that mind/body/soul stay healthy and one is functional till late years.

Very basic TIPS are

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Avoid drug/alcohol addiction
  3. Exercise moderately and regularly
  4. Do not miss Annual medical checkups – prevention is better than cure.

The savings calculation is simple, even if you save few thousand rupees per year, over 20-25 years they can translate into millions. Plus if you are physically active, you can easy avoid lifestyle diseases which are creeping into the segment that sits and works everyday for 8-10 hours then resort to fast food and partying.