I am Wealth Samurai. You can call me WS.
I work with a technology firm and I am into technology since year 2000

I help companies with their e-Commerce projects and take care of their execution plans.

Since beginning I was interested in Personal finance and it took me 10 good years to bring down the concept to reality. AAH! better late than never.

I believe in simple living. Keep things simple in life. Why complicate things?
Complication only increase stress.

I love to travel and believe travel is the best teacher ever. I would like to visit different parts of the world and meet different people and experience their culture. I am working towards early retirement so that I can travel around the world. There is no fun in dressing up and going to office everyday to do the things which you have been doing everyday so far. Isn’t it?

I will keep updating this space on a regular basis. I must as the world around is quite dynamic.

Yours Truly
~ WS


I can be reached at wealthsamurai at gmail.com via email.